Disposable Protective Facial Mask For Daily Usage

Short Description:

Custom disposable face mask

Size :175mm X 95mm,50pcs/box,40 boxes/carton


3 layers For Filter Protection

1st Layer: Hydrophobic PP Non-woven Fabric

2nd Layer: PP Melt-blown Filter Material

3rd Layer: Skin-friendly anti-bacterial layer

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    Specification Of Facial Mask

    Product Name: Disposable Protective Facial Mask For Daily Usage

    Instruction For Use:

    1. Pull the mask up and down, open the fold;

    2. The blue side faces outward, and the white side(rubber band or ear band) faces inward ;

    3. Nose clip side is up;

    4. The mask attaches face tightly by using the rubber band of both sides;

    5. Two fingers press the nose clip on both sides gently;

    6. Then pull the lower end of the mask to the chin and adjust it to no gap with face.

    Disposable Daily Protective Mask 11

       Safe High efficient Comfortabl

      Three layers of protection

      isolation pollution

      Health guardian

      Main raw material: Three layers for filtration protection

      Executive standard: GB/ T32610-2016

      Product size: 175mm x 95mm

      Packing specification: 50 pieces/box

      Specification: 2000 pieces/carton

      Product grade: qualified

      Production date: see code

      Validity: 2 years

      Manufacturer: Huizhou Jinhaocheng Non-woven Fabric Co., Ltd.

    facial mask

    Matters needing attention

    1.The mask should be replaced in time, and is not recommended for long-term use

    2. If there is any maladjustment or adverse reaction during wearing, it is suggested to stop using

    3. This product is not washable. Please make sure to use it within the validity period

    4. Store in a dry and ventilated place away from fire and inflammables

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