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Geotextiles are a permeable fabrics that are made from polypropylene or polyester for soil surfaces. Commonly used in the civil engineering industry, it falls under the category of geosynthetic materials.

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    Geotextiles have four basic functions: filtration, separation, drainage and reinforcement. While they are a cost effective and good solution for soil functions, a disadvantage would be its vulnerability to sediment blockage due to its porous nature.

      Some common civil engineering applications include:

      Improvement of unpaved and paved roads in airport runways

      Landfills and stone base courses

      Under urban areas like parking lots, curbs and sidewalks

      Sand dune armouring to protect coastal properties

      Because of the diverse applications, they possess the following properties: thickness, permeability, durability, strength and roughness.

      Depending on the function, there are three basic types of geotextiles: open mesh, warp-knitted structure, or closed fabric surface.

      White thermally bonded nonwoven geotextiles that offer the highest levels of engineering performance and quality standards.

      Applications: Separation, Filtration, Weed control in landscape applications, Road construction railway, Riverbank protection, Drainage, Landfill, pipeline protection, retaining wall, geo bags, concrete mattress, roofing foils, tunnel and paving.

      Soil separation, filtration or erosion control

      Staple Fibre Needle Punched and Thermally Bonded Nonwoven Geotextiles have been designed to offer optimum performance per unit weight. Their resulting mechanical robustness and excellent hydraulic properties make them the ideal choice for separation and filtration. Produced on state of the art equipment, the JINHAOCHENG geotextile sets standards in terms of quality and mechanical performance.

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