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  • What is pp melt blown fabric | JINHAOCHENG

    What is pp melt blown fabric | JINHAOCHENG

    Melt-blown pp (polypropylene) is based on polypropylene raw material, adopting controllable rheological methods to improve the liquidity of the resin and the molecular weight distribution, has the stable performance, stability and high liquidity, low carbon, environmental protection, narrow molec...
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  • how long can i use an ffp2 mask | JINHAOCHENG

    how long can i use an ffp2 mask | JINHAOCHENG

    The European standard for masks is FFP. What is the grade of FFP2 mask?How long will it last?Now, let’s get to know more about it. how long can i use an ffp2 mask  Ffp2 mask, one of the European mask standard EN 149:2001, disposable (usually 2-4 hours), minimum filtration efficiency is grea...
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  • The key of true and false mask – meltblown cloth | JINHAOCHENG

    The key of true and false mask – meltblown cloth | JINHAOCHENG

    Meltblown cloth, commonly known as the “heart” of the mask, is the filter layer in the middle of the mask, which can filter out bacteria and prevent the spread of germs.As the “core” of masks, the “meltblown cloth” produced by S2040 cannot be used to make masks...
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  • The meltblown cloth is really coming out | JINHAOCHENG

    The meltblown cloth is really coming out | JINHAOCHENG

    The meltblown cloth is really coming out!Let’s follow the meltblown cloth manufacturer to understand: Meltblown fabric technology originated in the 1950s, when the United States in order to collect radioactive particles in the upper atmosphere to develop ultrafine filtration materials, the...
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  • Mask core – meltblown cloth | JINHAOCHENG

    Mask core – meltblown cloth | JINHAOCHENG

    Masks the core of the meltblown cloth filter material is made of polypropylene superfine fibre together with random distribution, the appearance, smooth, soft and white material fiber fineness of 0.5 to 1.0 mu m, the random distribution of fiber to provide more opportunities for thermal bonding b...
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  • How to preserve melt blown nonwoven fabric to ensure filtration efficiency | JINHAOCHENG

    Melt blown fabric is the core filter material of mask, which is mainly determined by the filter mechanism of melt spray filter material, mainly divided into mechanical barrier, electrostatic adsorption and electret treatment. 1. Mechanical barrier Mechanical barriers can be as follows: A. Drople...
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  • What are the requirements of meltblown nonwoven cloth for masks | JINHAOCHENG

    Since novel Coronavirus is spreading, face masks have become an indispensable protective device for people. Suddenly, face masks have become a rare commodity on the market.And the production of masks of raw materials meltblown nonwoven fabrics, due to the gap is too large, in the network has beco...
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  • Can a disposable mask be used only once | JINHAOCHENG

    Disposable masks can only be used once and cannot be sterilized by washing, cooking and other methods. Can the mask be disinfected with alcohol spray? Novel Coronavirus is only 0.08 micron to 0.1 micron, so a disposable medical mask can only block particles no smaller than 3 microns. However, si...
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  • Production method of disposable masks | JINHAOCHENG

    Disposable masks commonly used on the market are made of non-woven raw materials, which require the following materials and equipment:   Materials needed for disposable masks: 1.PP non-woven fabric;2.Melt blown fabric; 3.Bridge of the nose; 4. Ear straps and other materials. The equipment needed ...
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  • How do you wear and use a disposable mask | JINHAOCHENG

    Disposable mask is generally made of two layers of 28g non-woven fabric. The bridge of the nose is made of environment-friendly plastic strip without any metal. It is breathable and comfortable to wear.Suitable for use in electronic factories, catering services, daily life and other scenarios. P...
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  • Is there any difference between ordinary disposable masks and medical disposable masks | JINHAOCHENG

    First, medical masks. The most common medical masks are disposable non-woven masks, gauze masks and antiviral masks. 1. Disposable non-woven mask with more than three layers can isolate bacteria and dust, and it is safe and reliable to use once, without the risk of secondary infection. 2. Gauze ...
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  • Wear disposable masks correctly | JINHAOCHENG

    Proper wearing of disposable masks: 1. There is a difference in color between the front and the back of a disposable mask. The dark one is the front, with the front facing outwards. 2. After wearing the mask, it is important to press the metal strips on both sides of the bridge of the nose with b...
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  • How to distinguish between the front and the back of a disposable mask | JINHAOCHENG

    Can you tell the front from the back of a disposable mask?With the development and progress of industrial expenses, the impact on the environment is increasingly deepened. More and more people begin to be affected by the adverse weather and feel the sense of suffocation when going out. They also ...
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  • A method for rapid adjustment of melt blown nonwoven fabric | JINHAOCHENG

    In the production process of meltblown nonwoven, because of the parameters of temperature, air pressure, mold, speed and other aspects of the ratio, so the need for constant running in and debugging, in order to make the product to achieve the best results.The following is the experience summariz...
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  • What is meltblown nonwoven | JINHAOCHENG

    At present, melt blown nonwoven fabric are widely used in the field of filtration materials.Since the 1970s, a variety of charging technologies and unique filters with electrostatic charges by mixing different fibers have been developed and utilized.The immediate result is the current electrostat...
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