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Needle-punched nonwovens have a wide range of uses, with strong tension, high temperature resistance, anti-aging, stability and good air permeability; next, let's understand the production process of needle-punched nonwovens.

The general technological process of needle-punched nonwovens production line: raw material-loosening machine-cotton feeder-carding machine-web laying machine-needling machine-ironing machine-winder-finished product.

Weighing and feeding

This process is the first process of needle-punched nonwovens, according to the prescribed ratio of various fibers, such as black A 3Dmur40%, black B 6Dmur40%, white A 3D 20%, weigh and record separately according to the proportion to ensure the stability of product quality.

If the feeding ratio is wrong, then the product style will be different from the standard sample, or there will be phased product color differences, resulting in poor batches.

For products with a variety of raw materials and high color difference requirements, they should be dispersed evenly by hand, and if possible, use twice cotton mixing equipment to ensure cotton mixing as evenly as possible.

Loosening, blending, carding, spinning, netting

These actions are the decomposition process of several equipment when the fiber becomes non-woven, all of which rely on the equipment to complete automatically.

The stability of product quality depends to a large extent on the stability of the equipment. At the same time, production and management staff's familiarity with equipment and products, sense of responsibility, experience and so on, can to a large extent find anomalies in time and deal with them in time.


Uses: acupuncture equipment, generally with a minimum weight of 80g, is mainly used in car trunk, sunshade board, non-woven fabric for engine room, car bottom guard, coat rack, seat, main carpet and so on.

Main points: according to the product style and requirements, adjust the acupuncture conditions and determine the number of needling machines; confirm the wear degree of the needle regularly; set the needle change frequency; use a special needle board if necessary.

Check + volume

After the needle punching of the non-woven fabric is completed, the non-woven fabric can be regarded as a preliminary processing.

Before the non-woven fabric is rolled up, the metal will be automatically detected. If it is detected that there is metal above 1mm or broken needle in the non-woven fabric, the equipment will alarm and stop automatically; effectively prevent the metal or broken needle from flowing into the next process.

The above is the introduction of the production process of needle-punched nonwovens. If you want to know more about needle-punched nonwovens, please feel free to contact us.

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Post time: Apr-28-2022
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