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Disposable masks do not need to be cleaned, usually about 4 hours after use should be thrown away, now some netizens ask this question, we will use scientific methods to tell you the correct disinfection and prolonged use of disposable masks:

1. Sterilization and disinfection of disposable masks:

A. Dry heat disinfection method:

Prepare a pot, make sure it's dry (don't put any water on it), put on a steaming tray, turn on the fire, and heat the pot. When our hands touch the lid and it's visibly hot, we can turn off the fire (be sure to turn off the fire first), put a disposable mask on the steaming tray and cover the pot.After the pot cools naturally, disinfection is done.

B. Disinfection cabinet method:

Put the disposable mask into the disinfection cabinet, open the disinfection, after the end of disinfection, use the ozone inside the disinfection cabinet to inactivate the virus, so as to have a disinfection effect.

To sum up the disinfection method of disposable masks, there are two principles: first, high temperature, and second, no water.

How to increase the duration of use of disposable masks

Wear a plain gauze or cotton mask inside and a disposable medical mask outside.Since disposable masks are not affected by saliva and steam, they can be hung in a ventilated place after returning home, which can extend the life of disposable masks, which can only be worn for 4 hours, to 3-5 days.

Here are some suggestions from netizens on cleaning disposable masks for reference only:(

Never you can. Disposable masks are mean to be disposed. So after the first you you will have to sump it with proper disposal measures. But you could ofcourse use cloth masks which can be reused after a wash after each usage. But using cloth masks isnt a good idea especially during covid. If you still need a reusable but protective mask then you should go for the top branded items you will get like North republic and Wildcraft. They can be used for 30 gentle washes but is also highly protective like the N95 and KN95 and maks sure you dispose it too as it expires. And bro the branded masks are not intented for medical uses but they are approved ones

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