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kn95 disposable mask 5-ply protective mask

1.The new generation of three-dimensional design can more closely fit the upper nose and lower jaw,increase the tightness, make it more comfortable to wear, give the mouth more space for movement,increase the vent lation area, and relieve the sense of breathing urgency.

2.Comfortable elastic ear bands are made of materials with good shrinking.Hanging on the ears wll not cause pain, and it is not easy to loose, ensuring com fo table wearing for along time.

3.Automated production makes each mask more clean and hygienic.

4.Five-layer protective structure

A、The inner layer is hygroscopic and soft:it can absorb the hotair exhaled and make the skin dry and comfortable.


C、 Outer waterproof fitter layer:effectively prevent cough, sneeze and other droplets from attaching.

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    KN95 mask of the production process

    1. Materials from the warehouse (non-woven cloth, melt spray cloth, heat sealed cotton, ear belt line, nose bridge)

    2. Material is loaded on KN95 semi-automatic machine (two layers of non-woven cloth, two layers of molten spray cloth, one layer of hot air cotton, lug belt line is installed, nose bridge strip is installed).

    3.KN95 semi-automaton embossing and cutting molding.

    4. Through slicing, folding, pressing, spot welding lug wire tape into a finished product

    5. Internal packaging and outer packing of finished products.

    5 Layers OF Filtration   Safe And Purification

      Higher Effect With Multi-ply Filtration, 95%Filtration effect by KN 95 FaceMask

      1.Skin-friendly Nonwoven Fabric

      2.Skin-friendly Nonwoven Fabric

      3.Nonwoven Melt blown Fabric

      4.Nonwoven Melt blown Fabric

      5.Outer Soft Non wov ne Fabric

    Product packaging

    Kn95 mask detection report



    2.Name and address of the manufacturer:

    Fujian K enjoy Medical Supplies Co., Ltd.

    8#, He liang Road, He liang Vilage, Ce Wu Town, Chang Ting County, Long Yan City, Fujian Province, China

    3.This declaration of conformity is issued under the sole responsiblity of the manufacturer:

    Fujian K enjoy Medical Supplies Co., Ltd.

    8#, He liang Road, He liang Village, Ce Wu Town, Chang Ting County, Long Yan City, Fujian Province, China

    4.Objectofthedeclarationis:PersonalProtectiveMaskKHT-001(FFP2)forrespiratory protection against particles.

    5.The object of the declaration described in point 4isin conformity with the relevant Union Harmonizationlegislation:REGULATION(EU)2016/425onpersonalprotectiveequipment and repealing Council Directive 89/686/EEC

    6.The Personal Protective Mask KHT-001(FFP 2) for respiratory protection against particles meetstherequirementsoftheharmonizedstandardEN149:2001+A1:2009usedinorderto confirm the conformity with the relevant Union harmonization legislation:REGULATION(EU) 2016/425on personal protective equipment and repealing Council Directive 89/686/EEC

    7.Thenotifiedbody:NB0370-LGAITECHNOLOGICALCENTER(APPLUS), with address:Campus UAB, Ronda de laFont del Car mes/n, E-08193 Bellaterra(Barcelona) , Spain



    Please refer to the manual before use.Do not use when the packaging is damaged or moldy.This product is disposable and should not be reused.If you feel unwell after wearing it(such as difficulty breathing) , stop using it.For pregnant women,please refer to your doctor's advice.Storage method:Store in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight or high temperature.


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