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What should I pay attention to when wearing a disposable face mask manufacturer?Next, Jinhaocheng, a disposable face mask manufacturer to take you to understand.

Choose the right type of medical disposable mask

Common types of masks include disposable medical masks, surgical surgical masks, medical protective masks, particle protective masks, etc.Generally speaking, wearing a disposable medical mask is effective in preventing the invasion of the virus.Particulate respirators have poor air permeability and do not need to be used in non-hazardous environments.It is worth mentioning that some people like to wear ornate cloth masks.The masks have a low level of protection and offer little protection against the virus.

Standard wear of face mask medical disposable

If there is a gap between the mask and the face, when people breathe, the air will flow into the gap, sticking virus dust, droplets, aerosols, etc.It can enter the body through the air gap with airflow, leading to infection.Therefore, military officers and soldiers are required to wear masks.When wearing the mask, first open the mask in an arc, fasten the mask with earmuffs, and completely cover the mouth, nose and jaw.Then pinch the metal strip above the bridge of the nose, so that it is close to the bridge of the nose, and finally adjust the air tightness of the chin.

Know the pros and cons of wearing a disposable surgical mask

Disposable medical masks are worn in three layers: the outermost layer is a water-blocking layer, the middle layer is a filter layer, and the inner layer is a hygroscopic layer.The hygroscopic layer can absorb the wet air exhaled from the mouth and nose and keep the mask dry.If the air exhaled from the mouth and nose cannot be absorbed effectively after wearing the mask, the mask is susceptible to moisture and loses its protective effect.Before using the mask, the nose clip of the mask should be placed side up and the dark mask should be placed outwards.If there is no color difference in the mask, you can judge according to the fold of the mask, the fold is downward.

Change your mask in time

In general, disposable medical masks and surgical masks are limited to use for no more than 8 hours.Occupational exposure personnel should not use masks for more than 4 hours.Do not continue to use the mask after the maximum usage time has been reached.Replace the mask in time if the following situations occur: The mask is damaged or damaged;Contamination of the mask (e.g. blood stains, droplets, etc.);Has been used in isolation wards or in contact with patients;Damp mask;Odor in the mask;Respiratory resistance increased significantly.The mask does not fit into the face.

Don't pull it up to your chin or hang it on your arm

Some people wear masks when they pull them under their chin, exposing their mouth and nose.Not only does this leave the mouth and nose unprotected, but it can also contaminate the inner lining of the mask and increase the risk of infection when the mask is put back on.After some people take off the mask, they will put it on their arms, which is also not desirable.During physical movement, the mask may come into contact with objects contaminated with viruses. The inner layer of the mask is also easily contaminated with dust and bacteria, making it more likely to be infected when re-wearing.

Do not touch the outside of the disposable medical mask

The mask can block droplets and contaminate your hands if you touch the outside of the mask.If unclean hands touch the nose and eyes again, the virus can enter the body unconsciously.When you remove the mask, hang it with a rope and try not to touch any part of your body.

Avoid incorrect disinfection

The use of high temperature cooking, a large amount of alcohol spraying and other methods can not play a disinfection effect, but will weaken the protective effect of the mask, or even ineffective.The mask protects the virus because it forms small particles attached to the mask as liquid droplets fly.Spray alcohol on the surface of the mask. When the alcohol evaporates, the water in the mask will be taken away with it. When the mask is used again, there is still a risk of being inhaled by isolated viruses.High temperature will cause the structure of the mask to change and lose its function of adsorbing particles.

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