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There are two sides to a mask. If you wear it backwards, you will lose the ability to filter bacteria.So how do you tell the difference between disposable surgical masks and disposable surgical masks?Here, a disposable surgical masks manufacturer-jinhaocheng.

By color:

The disposable mask has a dark part on the front and a light part on the back.When wearing a mask, be sure to put the reverse side of the mask inward, the front face of the mask outward.

By material:

Commonly used hand feels what has a sense of friction is positive, and the texture is smoother is reverse.Smooth surfaces are usually used in mask design for water resistance, while rough surfaces are more breathable.Because when wearing a mask to pay attention to both sides, otherwise it will bring discomfort, such as glasses fog, etc. 

According to the metal strip at the nose clip inside the mask:

One side of the metal nose clip is the front, the other side is the back.

By crease:

To distinguish it by creases, the side up of the crease is the inner surface, and conversely, it's the outer surface.

Distinguished by thread:

One side of the wire head is external, and conversely, the side without the wire head is external.

Distinguish the front and back of the mask. We must distinguish the top and bottom of the mask.Disposable masks have flexible, thin metal bars with one end above the mask, so don't be embarrassed to turn them around.

Note: It is also important to know the correct way to wear a disposable mask after you distinguish the front and back of the mask, especially when the front of the disposable mask is facing outwards, and when it contacts the face, it is the back, i.e. the color is lighter.In addition to this, make sure that the metal strips are placed on top of the mask, not upside down.

The following points should be noted when wearing a disposable surgical mask:

1. You must clean your hands before and after putting on the disposable mask and put it on in accordance with the package instructions, including tightening the rope of the mask so that the mask is close to your face.As with other dust masks, attention should be paid to the sealing of the mask when using.If the mask is worn too loosely, and does not adhere to the face, air will enter through the side gap, not to achieve the protective effect.

2. The surgical mask should not be too long for one use. Generally, it should be replaced within 4 hours, otherwise it will reduce its resistance if it cannot breathe fresh air for a long time.Clean your face and bare skin immediately after removing the mask and pay attention to personal hygiene.

The above is organized and released by disposable mask manufacturers. If you do not understand, please consult us!

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Post time: Apr-07-2021
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