What kinds of non-woven cloth masks are there?

Non-woven cloth masks are mainly divided into four categories according to their structure and shape.


A plane mask

The plane mask is a rectangular plane without being opened, and the plane mask can be divided into four categories according to the different ways of fixing the ear band: the outer ear band plane mask, the inner ear band plane mask, the head-mounted plane mask, and the banding plane mask, as shown in the figure below.

(1) wear a mask on the outer ear;

Face mask ear with outer ear toward the mask body piece, is non-woven mask plane appears the earliest type of face mask, is currently on the market the most non-woven mask plane, this type of face mask medical more commonly, but along with the printing spunlaced nonwovens in recent years, the use of on the flat mask, with its individuality color favored by more and more young consumers, civil market share is growing.

(2)Inner ear with mask;

The inner ear mask the ear band is facing the inside of the body piece, but since the ear band needs to be opened to the outside when the mask is used, two non-woven fabric wrapping edges are welded to the left and right ends of the mask for the firmness of the ear band.The main function of the orientation inside is to facilitate the packaging and improve the beauty of the packaging. The outer ear band packaging requires manual folding of the ear band towards the inside and then putting it into the packaging bag, and the ear band exposed in the packaging bag outside the face mask affects the packaging beauty.And automatic packaging machine packaging surface mask is only suitable for the inner ear mask.This type of mask is the same as outer ear mask, but the market share is smaller than outer ear mask.

(3) hanging face mask;

The head-hanging face mask is worn on the head without hanging on the ears. This way of wearing avoids the phenomenon of ear pain caused by wearing the head-hanging face mask for a long time. It is generally used in professional places where masks are worn for a long time, such as food processing plants, hospitals, chefs, etc.

(4)Lace-up face mask;

Bind type mask is mainly used in the operating room, function as head hanging flat mask, and the wear of the mask for a long time in order to avoid the ear can lead to the phenomenon of ear pain, but because the head hanging mask two root is fixed do not adjust the length of the head band, and bind type mask users according to actual situation tied at the head, wear fastness and comfort is better than head hanging flat mask.

Planar masks in addition to the above depending on the ear with fixed way is divided into four classes, can also according to the mask body divided into thirty percent, single piece of fabric twists Ω fold and double Ω fold three.

1\thirty percent;

This kind of folding method is the most common one in the plane mask of non-woven fabric, and it is also the earliest one.

2\single Ω fold;

Can be seen from the mask side the anatomy of ontology of fabric twists and similar to the symbol "Ω",

3\ Double Ω fold;

Than single Ω folding folding line, can be seen from the masks the anatomy of side frame piece of fabric twists are two "Ω".

Two, fold mask

Folding mask is also known as c-type three-dimensional mask, the structure of the fabric is folded and fused, opened in a three-dimensional state, breathing cavity is large, and with good adhesion to the face, it is because of these advantages, folding mask is the best civilian anti-smog mask.

With the haze pollution problem becoming more and more serious in recent years and consumers paying more and more attention to their awareness of protection, the market penetration rate of folding masks has become more and more high, folding masks are different from the face mask segmentation there are so many categories, only according to the wearing method is divided into ear hanging folding masks and head hanging folding masks.The following figure

(1) head hanging folding mask;

The head hanging folding mask is mostly used for industrial protection, because the workers are wearing masks, the head hanging mask is very good to avoid the earring pain caused by wearing the ear hanging mask for a long time.

(2)Ear - mounted folding mask;

The change difference of folding mask lies in its appearance, and its structural characteristics give folding mask more space for appearance change. In addition, with the rise of printed water-spined non-woven cloth on masks in recent years, folding mask has become more fashionable while preventing haze, especially in the market of young people.

In respect of function, the fold masks because shoulders on the responsibility of anti fog haze, the trend of development is "efficiency low resistance", that is to say, will be more and more high filtration efficiency requirements, but because of the mask in the haze in sealing of wearing a mask for a long time also will be very hot, and the high efficiency and low resistance are both at some level, to promote the efficiency of filtering to a certain extent will also increase respiratory resistance, now there are two kinds of solution to this problem, the first is on the mask and the respiration valve, the respiration valve can only let the mask inside the human body is the function of breath out and unfiltered air cannot enter masks outside inside,The breathing valve makes the mask less stuffy and more comfortable.Second, with the continuous improvement of domestic filtration material r&d and manufacturing technology in recent years, the filtration material technology of "high efficiency and low resistance" has become more and more mature.The application of new materials can not only improve the efficiency, but also inhibit the rise of respiratory resistance, or even decrease without rising. It is hoped that in the near future, respiratory resistance will no longer be the reason why people do not want to wear masks in the haze environment.

Three, cup mask

The protection level of the cup mask is the highest among the non-woven respirators. Because of the large supporting breathing cavity of the cup, the wearing comfort is better.But because of the cup body shape and can't be ordinary civil consumers to accept, so the civil rarely, it is mainly used for industrial protection, and the current domestic forced enterprises to provide protective equipment for workers was not perfect laws and regulations, as well as the workers own protection consciousness is not strong, cup mouth in the domestic market is not big, mainly exports.

Iv. Alien mask

The special-shaped mask is a relatively minority mask produced according to the different requirements of each demand group. This kind of mask has unique appearance and different structure.

Post time: Apr-29-2020
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