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Is it safe to reuse medical disposable mask?Next, Jinhaocheng, a medical disposable mask manufacturers to take you to understand.

Hazards of reusing disposable masks

A single use can last more than 4 hours, and more than 4 hours can be used repeatedly.A disposable mask is divided into three layers, the outermost layer is an ultrathin polypropylene melt-blown layer with antimicrobial effect.The middle layer is the ultrafine polypropylene fiber melt-blown material layer, which plays the role of isolation and filtration.The innermost layer is general sanitary gauze, which belongs to skin-friendly material.

The role of the disposable mask to isolate the virus is the middle layer, which can prevent the entry of droplets and viruses. However, this material is not resistant to high temperature and alcohol, so the use of pyrodisinfection and alcohol disinfection for disposable masks will destroy the layer of ultrafine polypropylene fiber meltblown material and reduce the overall protective effect of the mask.

When disposable masks are used repeatedly, a lot of viruses are attached to the surface of disposable masks and the protective effect is decreased.Wearing a mask at this time will not only not play a role in isolating the virus, but also increase the chance of infection.Therefore, disposable masks are not recommended for repeated use, nor for use after disinfection.

Under what circumstances can disposable masks be reused?

Disposable masks are not recommended for reuse after 4 hours of use, but can be reused after 4 hours of non-use.For example, when you eat or drink, you can pick it off and use it again after you finish eating.It's not just pick it off and change it.

How to remove a mask correctly?

1. First remove one ear and the mask strap that hangs over the ear. Then remove the mask strap over the other ear.

2. Grip one side of the mask and remove it from the other ear.

3. Do not touch the surface of the mask as it may infect you.

4. Do not touch the inner surface of the mask (you are the patient) as you may infect others.

5. Do not touch others' used masks to avoid cross-infection.

6. Do not put them directly in bags or pockets as there may be a risk of persistent infection.

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Post time: Apr-27-2021
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