How should fusible meltblown material aramid endure high temperature acupuncture to want to undertake operation

Fusion-sprayed cloth aramid fiber high temperature resistance acupuncture filter felt aramid fiber high temperature acupuncture mainly used in chemical industry, steel, metallurgy, carbon black, power generation, cement and other industrial furnaces on the high temperature flue gas filtration.

High temperature flue gas filtration products, fluorine beauty, and beauty P84 and resistance and Priestley, famous brand, high temperature resistant filter, it is the enterprise development and production of high temperature resistant needled filter felt, is a patented product, and a registered trademark, the sole registered production. Fluorine mae for high performance of chemical fiber and glass fiber, stainless steel fiber and ceramic fiber composite forming of high performance, high function combination, to achieve higher use effect of compound high temperature resistance filtration material series products.

The filter felt is made of aramid fiber by needling process.

Aramid fiber with high temperature, chemical corrosion resistance are also compared with the ordinary polyester, acrylic, etc in the normal temperature fiber is good, although performance and foreign beauty, aromatic fiber has a gap, but considering the factors in certain ratio of mining is a good choice of glass fiber needled filter felt the product high temperature resistant (240 ~ 260 ℃), compared with other high temperature resistant chemical fibber blanket, lower prices, and the size stability, elongation shrinkage of small, high strength, but brittle, not folding.

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Post time: Mar-28-2020
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