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What are the advantages of non-woven bags? Today I will introduce you to the advantages of non-woven bags.

Tianfang cloth bag is more economic

From the beginning of the plastic restrictions, plastic bags will gradually withdraw from the packaging market and will be replaced by non-woven bags that can be used repeatedly. Non-woven bags are easier to print patterns and brighter color expressions than plastic bags. In addition, if you can use it repeatedly, you can consider adding more beautiful patterns and advertisements on non-woven bags than plastic bags, because the wear rate of non-woven bags is lower than that of plastic bags, resulting in more cost savings and more obvious advertising benefits.

non-woven bags are more secure

Traditional plastic bags are thin and easy to break in order to save cost. But in order to make him stronger, it is bound to cost more. The emergence of non-woven bags solves all the problems. Non-woven bags are tough and not easy to wear. There are many non-woven bags covered with film, which not only have firmness, but also have waterproof, good feel and beautiful appearance. Although the cost of a single bag is a little higher than that of plastic bags, the service life of a non-woven bag can be worth hundreds or even thousands of plastic bags.

non-woven bags have more advertising effect

A beautiful non-woven bag is more than just a packing bag for goods. Its exquisite appearance is even more lovable.

Hand, can be transformed into a fashionable simple single eyebrow bag, and become a beautiful scenery on the street. Coupled with its solid, waterproof, non-sticky characteristics, the heart will become a choice for customers to go out.

In such a non-woven bag, can be printed with your company's logo or advertising, the advertising effect is self-evident, the real small investment into a big mouth.

The issuance of a more environmentally friendly public welfare value limit for non-woven bags

In order to solve the problem of environmental protection, the use of non-woven bags greatly reduces the pressure of garbage conversion. Therefore, double known as environmental protection bags, coupled with the concept of environmental protection, can better reflect the image of your enterprise, and the effect of being close to the people. The resulting potential value can not be replaced by money.

The above is the introduction of the four advantages of non-woven bags, if you want to know more about non-woven fabrics, please feel free to contact us.

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Post time: Apr-21-2022
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