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The basic premise of the use of polyester geotextiles is that the geotextiles have the necessary strength. The main performance indicators of geotextiles were compared.

polyester geotextiles

polyester geotextiles

  At present, the equivalent aperture and permeability coefficient of geotextiles are commonly used in EVA/ECB water retention standards and flow standards, and the effect of extruding anti-smashing waterproof boards is better.

  A tarpaulin is provided inside the waterproof board for filtration and necessary drainage as a release layer and protection.

  By comparing the main functional indexes of geotextile production enterprises, it is considered that the EVA/ECB co-extruded anti-smashing waterproof board has better waterproof effect.

  Soil and water conservation standards and infiltration standards can be adopted according to actual conditions.

  It is best for slope protection geotextile production enterprises to carry out simulation tests under certain conditions. Pins and geotextiles should have significant color differences for easy inspection.

  Maintenance geotextile rolls should be stacked in a flat, dead corner

  Geotextile rolls should be stacked horizontally. Damaged geotextile rollers must be repaired. The pile height should not exceed 4 rolls. Grungy geotextiles cannot be used.

  The method of laying geotextiles is by hand rolling. The seam of the geotextile is mainly composed of a single seam and a chain seam.

  The surface of the fabric should be smooth and leave a suitable amount of deformation. It has the same or more chemical resistance and UV resistance as geotextiles.

  All geotextiles and seams must be inspected after construction. The surface of the geotextile is not easy to form damaged foreign objects such as fine needles and nails. The work piece should be at least 200 mm longer than the edge of the defect at each target.

  The connection of geotextiles must be strictly controlled to ensure that geotextile manufacturers continue to repair and tightly integrate geotextiles.

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