Needling non-woven fabric to tighten the wire mesh in the mesh frame need to pay attention to what | JINHAOCHENG

Needle punched nonwoven wire mesh on the frame, and then on the net coated with photosensitive adhesive, the formation of a photosensitive plate film, and then the Yang figure bottom plate of the adhesive needling non-woven plate on the plate film, after exposure.Development, the printing plate does not need the part of the ink by light to form a curing plate film, the mesh is sealed, printing ink, printing plate needs the part of the mesh is not closed, printing ink through, in the substrate black mark.

Choose a neutral lotion marked with pure wool and without bleach. Wash by hand alone. Do not use a washing machine to avoid damaging the appearance.

When cleaning with hand light press means, dirty part also needs to rub gently only, must not use brush to brush, use shampoo essence to add embellish silk essence way to clean?Can reduce the phenomenon of fuzz ball, after cleaning hanging in the ventilation place natural air dry.

Post time: Jan-13-2020
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