Needle-punched non-woven fabric | jinhaocheng non-woven fabric

Needle-punched non-woven fabric is a kind of non-woven fabric, which is made of polyester and polypropylene raw materials and processed by proper hot rolling through many times of acupuncture.According to different craft, mix different material, make a hundred kinds of commodity.


Needle punched non-woven fabric is a kind of dry nonwovens, is paved with short fibers after opening, carding and netting, then put the web through the pricker reinforcement into cloth, needle hook, the web of repeated puncture, hook fiber reinforcement, form the acupuncture non-woven, non-woven no warp weft, into the cloth fiber mixed and disorderly, warp weft to performance.Typical products: synthetic leather base cloth, acupuncture geotextiles, etc.

Common specifications

Weight: (100-1000) g / ㎡, thickness: 1-15 mm width: 320 cm or less

Processing program

It is made of raw materials of polyester and polypropylene, through rough combing, combing, pre-acupuncture, main acupuncture.Center and network cloth sandwich, then through double rationalized, airflow into the net acupuncture composite cloth, filter cloth has a three-dimensional structure, after the heat setting, singeing, oil on the surface of the chemical agent processing, make the filter cloth surface smooth, uniform pore distribution, on the surface of the product density is good, two sides smooth surface and air permeability is good, in the plate and frame filter used on compressor proved that, can use high pressure, 4 micron filtration precision of less than, can according to user needs to provide polypropylene and polyester materials.Practice has proved that the non-spinning filter cloth has better performance in the plate and frame filter press: for example, coal slime treatment in coal preparation plant and waste water treatment in steel plant.In the brewery, dyeing and printing plant wastewater treatment.If the filter cloth of other specifications is used, the filter cake will be pressed dry and difficult to fall off. After using the non-woven filter cloth, the filter cake will be quite dry when the pressure reaches 10kg to 12kg, while the filter cake will fall off automatically when the filter is opened.When the users choose the non-woven press cloth, they mainly consider the non-woven press cloth with different thickness and quality according to the air permeability, filtration accuracy and elongation, etc. The product parameters are as follows: polyester needling felt and polypropylene needling felt. The specifications and varieties can be formulated.

Needle punched non – woven products are made through fine combing, many times precise needling or appropriate hot rolling.Based on the introduction of two high-precision needling production lines at home and abroad, high quality fibers are selected.Through the cooperation of different production processes and the matching of different materials, hundreds of different products are currently circulating in the market, including geotextiles, geotextiles, halberd flannelette, sound box blanket, electric blanket cotton, embroidery cotton, clothing cotton, Christmas crafts, human leather base cloth, special cloth for filtering materials.

The processing principle

The production of non-woven fabric by the method of needling punched is achieved through a mechanical action, that is, the puncture action of the needling machine.The basic principle is:
Repeated puncture of the mesh is performed using the barb of the edge band of triangular or other cross sections. When the barb passes through the filament net, force the fiber surface and local inner layer into the fiber net.Due to friction between the fibers, the original fluffy mesh is compressed.When the needles are removed from the mesh, the punctured fiber bundles are removed from the barb and left in the mesh. In this way, many fiber bundles entangle the mesh so that it can no longer be restored to its original fluffy state.After many times of acupuncture, a considerable number of fiber bundles were inserted into the net, causing the fibers in the net to intertwine with each other, thus forming needle-punching nonwoven materials with certain strength and thickness.
The nonwovens of acupuncture include pre-acupuncture, main acupuncture, pattern acupuncture, ring acupuncture and tube acupuncture.

The development characteristics

The proportion of needling punched non-woven fabric in the production line of non-woven fabric is 28 to 30 percent. Except for the control of conventional air filtration and dust, the new application space of acupuncture non-woven fabric is being expanded. Any nonwoven process combination or type combination is actually possible, which makes its properties ideally suited to special, additional application requirements.

The standardization of needling punched non – woven products is also paid much attention to. Industrial textiles involve health, safety, environmental protection and other fields. Mandatory standards should be formulated in accordance with the standardization law, but the existing mandatory standards are less, which also affects the difficulty to unify the standards and the degree of implementation.On the one hand, producers often pay attention to the general performance of the products, using the textile industry drafted by the relevant national standards or industry standards;But the product user often pays attention to the product engineering performance, USES the related industry standard, the contradiction is bigger.

In addition, the standard system is not in line with international standards.In view of the lack of centralized management of China’s industrial textile industry, the lack of institutions that pay close attention to and specialize in the study of international and foreign advanced industrial textile standards, and the insufficient collection, summary and analysis of relevant standard information, resulting in the inconformity of index requirements and testing methods with the formulation of international standards.

The use of industrial textiles is different, with its own strangeness and complexity that other textiles do not have, which is a test for all the personnel, including experts, related to industrial textiles.Therefore, the consensus of the industry is to fully mobilize the initiative and role of industrial textile associations at all levels, accelerate the formulation and revision of industrial textile standards, and jointly promote the scientific and standardized operation of industrial textile standardization.

Relationship between Spunbonded fabric and non – woven fabric are dependent.There are many production processes for the manufacture of non-woven cloth, among which spunbond is one of the non-woven production processes (including spunbond, melt-jet, hot rolling and water embroidery, most of which are produced by spunbond in the market at present).

Non-woven fabric according to the composition, polyester, polypropylene, polyamide fiber, spandex, acrylic fiber and so on;Different ingredients will have distinct non-woven styles.And spunbonded cloth, usually referred to polyester spunbonded, polypropylene spunbonded;And these two kinds of cloth’s style is very close, pass high temperature test ability to distinguish.

The difference between

Needle punched nonwoven fabrics and spunlace nonwoven fabrics belong to nonwoven fabrics (also known as nonwoven fabrics). As the name implies, the biggest difference between the two technologies is that the reinforcement of the upper one is mechanical needle reinforcement and the other is mechanical high pressure water reinforcement. The difference in the process directly makes the finished product function different.

Needle punched non – woven fabric production gram weight is generally higher than the spunlace non – woven. The raw material of spunlace nonwoven fabric is more expensive, the cloth surface is more delicate, and the production process is cleaner than that of acupuncture.Health care/hygiene/beauty treatment is more extensive.The raw material of acupuncture is more extensive than that of hydra.

The difference between needle punched non woven and spunlaced non woven. Needle punched is generally thicker, the weight of gram is generally more than 80 grams, the fiber is thicker, rougher feeling, the surface has fine pinhole.The spunlaced weighs less than 80 grams, with a special one of 120 to 250 grams, but rarely, fine feeling in hand and have fine stripes in the longitudinal direction of the surface.



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