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The effect of waterproof geotextile is the same as that of geomembrane. Anti-seepage is the last word.

Nonwoven Geotextile

Nonwoven Geotextile

  The geomembrane is a single layer of film that directly touches the foundation and the outside world. The raw material of the geomembrane is high-density polyethylene, which is resistant to acid and alkali, high and low temperature, and high tensile strength, and is suitable for use in many projects.

  However, geomembranes also have shortcomings: external damage. For example, strong bulges, stones, and even branches and the like destroy the geomembrane, and the geomembrane loses its original anti-seepage performance, and does not have anti-seepage effect. It is said that it has no effect.

  The birth of the waterproof geotextile has played a very good solution to the problem.

  The waterproof geotextile is a layer of film wrapped between two layers of cloth. The participation of the geotextile is like putting a coat on the geomembrane. The “outerwear” has a protective effect.

  Waterproof geotextiles are used in special ravine areas with geographical environments and river management projects.

  The geotextile has strong puncture resistance and can well prevent the foreign matter on the foundation from injuring the geomembrane.

  Generally, the geotextile weight on both sides of the waterproof geotextile will not be less than 100g/m2.

  If it is very thin, the protection effect will not be available.

  The thickness of the intermediate geomembrane is planned in detail according to the detailed engineering.

  There are many types of geotextiles, and filament geotextiles are a relatively environmentally friendly building material.

  Generally used for reinforcement-based projects, woven fabrics, geogrids, geotechnical belts, etc. can be used. So the development prospects of filament geotextiles are there, but if your skills can’t keep up, then you are still in the same place.

  The reason why geotextiles can be widely used is still due to the fact that they have such a few features, so they can get a good application.

  The mechanical mold function mainly refers to the strength and elongation characteristics of the geotextile, which is an important indicator for measuring quality.

  Due to the difference in fiber shape and production process between polyester filament and polyester, the porosity of the polyester filaments is greatly different. The porosity of the polyester filament geotextile is larger and the porosity of the polyester staple fiber geotextile is higher. Smaller and thus HDPE geomembrane can be bonded to the joint of the concrete building expansion joint with polysulfide sealant.

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